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Does anyone else watch The Dex on Youtube? If so, their latest episode is on a pokemon I've been ranting about for a while now....Lapras. Finally, its plight is being addressed! But I had nothing to do with them choosing Lapras for the latest episode. They just did, and it so happened that I had been talking about their sad fate. Here is the video if you want to watch it.: 

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  • Watching: Higurashi Kai (Higurashi season 2 basically)
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo
I like visual novel games. So, when I heard about this one called Katawa Shoujo, I wanted to look into it a bit. The premise is......intriguing I guess you can say. At least to me it seemed like that. It is basically a dating sim sort of thing. I'll say this now to get it out of the way: It involves adult content, but that can be turned off in Options. Not sure how it turns it off(does it censor it, exclude the image but not the text, ect.), I haven't used the option. Before anyone judges me about it, it was(at least partially) because I wanted to see the game in its entirety, bad endings and all. Yes it involves sex, but those scenes don't come up until later into each path(except Shizune, where there is one in Act 2, but nothing explicit is visible since apparently it is covered by her dress.). Now that that is out of the way, I'll tell you a bit about it.

   It is about a guy named Hisao Nikai who discovers that he has Arrythmia, a heart condition that is rare but serious. Upon hearing that a girl he liked loved him back, his abnormal heartbeat quickened to the point of giving him a heart attack. So after some time in the hospital, he is sent to this school called Yamaku Academy, a highschool for disabled students. While there he meets 8 students that will be recurring characters across all paths. One of them is your "friend" who lives in the dormroom next to yours. Another is an older university student who works at the school part-time but occasionally offers advice. However, only 5 of the girls actually have their own paths towards falling in love with you.
   It isn't so much about making them love you, as it is more like just going through the natural process of getting to know them, meeting people they are associated with, and letting events unfold. Of course, there are some choices along the way that dictate certain scenes, events, and story progression. There is three types of endings for each of the paths: good, neutral, and bad. Now here is a bit about each of the girls(excluding Yuuko, the university student):

Shizune- Very smart and sometimes kind of mean, everything is a game to her and she plays to win. She is the student council president. Despite being deaf and not able to speak, she can still get her insults out just as easily through her friend Misha.

Misha- She is Shizune's interpreter and is the excitable girly girl that is always happy. Also a member of the student council and rarely seen away from Shizune's side. She has no disability, and no individual path. Can be a bit of an airhead, but funny.

Hanako- Extremely shy and scared of crowds in general thanks to the obvious scarring of being a burn victim. Apart from her scars, imo she is very cute. Loves to read. She clings dearly to her best friend, Lily.

Lily- Very prim and proper. Her calm and kind demeanor are one of the reasons why Hanako is so attached to her. Another is the fact that she is blind. Very independant, but enjoys having company. Drinks tea quite often.

Emi- Token loli character. Part of the Track Team and loves to run despite having to do so on prosthetic legs. Sometimes doesn't watch where she's going. Her friendship with Rin is an example of how opposites attract in more ways than one.

Rin- An artsy girl who paints with her feet since she has short stump arms. Always seems to have her head in the clouds. Very confusing to talk to, as well as alluringly mysterious. Occasionally makes sexual references.

   I have finished 3 of the 5 paths so far. The one I'm currently doing is Lily's. I'm going through them by how much I liked them from the first meetings. So it is going Hanako, Shizune, Rin, Lily, and finally Emi. The game is free to download and is translated to English quite well. It has very nice music and a few animated scenes. A lot of CG and hand-painted images are stored in a sort of collection in the Extras part of the menu as well as the music and other stuff. 
   I've been playing it more than anything for the last week or so. That's why I haven't been on too often. I'm also watchin g the second season of Higurashi as well. Btw, the title of this journal is Bandaged Heart because that is the symbol used for the game, a heart with a couple of bandages on it.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Watching: Higurashi Kai (Higurashi season 2 basically)
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo
Mega Steelix looks even cooler than before! How awesome can he get?! XD And Mega Glalie, I was hoping for this one. I KNEW they'd give him a beard of some sort! Especially after they gave one to Mega Aerodactyl. I'm quite glad to see that they went back to making awesome ones more awesome. The last few were great, but the pokemon chosen were a bit random in some cases. I just hope they don't keep making so many legendary Megas. Those pokemon are already overpowered as it is! I'm trying to think of another one that is awesome that I think they should do a Mega for(besides Lapras of course...). One that looks awesome usually, but could be even better.... One that is great in battle but not already at a point that makes them on par with a legendary. One that is used and mentioned sometimes, but not as often anymore..... Gliscor. Or maybe Zangoose. 

But if they want another random pick to make mega, they should go with Tropius. He deserves it! He has potential, I've known that since the moment I saw him. But he is too vulnerable in his current state. Ice is murder, Fire is a big problem thanks to the abundance of Fire-types, Flying is sad since he is Flying himself, Poison is also super effective with the chance to poison if he survives, and Rock is not so bad as long as you are careful. And moves like Ice Fang can be troublesome too since so many pokemon can learn it. I don't know what ability or type change could help it and still make sense except for maybe Thick Fat if the Mega was more brontosaurus-like. But since Mega Venasaur has that I doubt they'd use it for him.... It's a shame, it could be much more useful to Tropius than to Venasaur..... Maybe if they changed one of his types, but I don't know what they could do with that. Besides, the only thing I could think of that they could use in the appearance change would be to make a lot of bananas form a beard and make him look sage-like. He is just one of those forgettable pokemon that isn't used often and isn't great when he is. But there is just so much potential... I'm just not sure how they could bring it out. But they did it with Lopunny, so why wouldn't they be able to do it with Tropius?

Sorry if this got too much like a rant. ^^;
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Watching: Higurashi Kai (Higurashi season 2 basically)
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo
We are dying off,
the world is very cruel.
Everyone used to love us,
they thought we were so cool!

But time has thinned our number,
we are approaching our final rest.
Why is this happening?
Why do they lose interest?

The dinosaurs are gone.
All except for us.
We toughed it out so long,
thinking our survival was a plus.

So many years of suffering,
we took it all with a smile.
And now we roam the seas,
awaiting our final trial.

We need to make a change,
maybe even evolve.
If we do not soon,
our population continues to dissolve.

What has happened to them,
the people we used to ferry?
Those times were so much better...
Every trips we took was merry.

However it will happen,
those people we shall miss.
All we wish from them,
is to remember our name was Lapras.
Please Remember Us... We'll Remember You...
I was thinking a little while ago about the sad story of how Lapras are being neglected. There is no change for so long, so we lost interest in the wonderful creatures. All the talk of Fairy-types, Mega Evolutions, and basically every new thing they aren't involved with, has left them nearly forgotten. Every generation they still try to keep their existence alive in our minds. They miss us, they just want to feel needed. They like giving humans rides across oceans. It is the greatest purpose they still have. It is what helped them make it through the suffering and the mass extinctions that wiped out the other dinosaur pokemon. They knew they would be needed, they knew they could tough it out, they thought that we would help them stay alive. And we did. For awhile anyway..... They are still endangered and on the brink of extinction. That is canon. If we neglect them, who will save the Lapras?
Mega Beedrill, Mega Pideot. Apparently they want to turn Bird Jesus into Bird God. And also make people even more afraid of bees. Now, here are some random thoughts I have on Pokemon-related stuff:

Gen 7 should have a starter that eventually evolves into a Fairy-type. You'd think that when they add a new type, they'll use it as often as possible in that generation. Yet, there was no Fairy-type starter evolution. Nor did they revise any of the previous starters to be either. They've done this before. In Gen 2, they introduced Steel and Dark. But none of the starters or their evolutions were either of those types until Gen. 4 when Empoleon was created. And not until Gen 6 has there been one that was Dark-type. So how long are we going to have to wait until they give us one? Even the Megas of the starters so far have not been Fairy. And even worse, there is STILL no Dark-type Gym. I don't care how many Dark-type specialists are in the Elite Fours, why are there no GYMS?!! Bring one of those Dark-type Elite Four Members to be the Gym Leader if you have to.... JUST GIVE US A DARK-TYPE GYM!!!!! Really, I'd love to see Karen as a Gym Leader in Gen 7! No, better.....make Marley the first Dark-type Gym Leader! She has the look, the secretly sweet and kind side despite her looks, a slight tendency to be a bit quiet and reserved, she's like Jasmine only with Dark-types! And best of all, she's cute!

Another thing, I was daydreaming earlier, and thought about what it would look like if a Clefable was dressed as Sailor Moon and how fitting it would be. XD

The most recent Megas have seemed a bit like random choices in most cases. Why did they stop making the cool and awesome ones even more cool and awesome? I mean, I understand the need for most of them, but why such ones as Audino, Slowbro, Beedrill, Pidgeot, and Lopunny? What, are they picking names out of a hat? They should at least have some for underappreciated pokemon such as Dunsparce, Quagsire, Cacturne, or the not-so-special-anymore Lapras? That thing has waited five generations for any form of change. No evolutions, no baby evolutions, no mega evolutions, not even any form changes.... Those things are dying off, and you'd think that would give them a great reason to have some sort of evolution or change that will keep them from the brink of extinction they are already on..... They are intelligent, friendly, helpful, interesting, and probably the last remaining actual dinosaur pokemon! I don't want to have to find a fossil to get a Lapras anytime soon. It might seem strange, but Lapras has always held a place in my heart. I'm not entirely sure why, but it has! It's like the pokemon equivalent of a dolphin, except it is also a mini Loch Ness Monster! Please, someone.... SAVE THE LAPRAS!! :innocent:
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo
  • Drinking: Snapple


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I have very little skills with art in general. Although, I am not too bad at writing poetry. My emotions need to be expressed and it is a great way to do it. Seeing the final product of working on a poem that I wrote always takes me out of the bad mood the poem was most likely based on. There are many different sides to me. Good and bad. I hope people will appreciate the better ones.

My dA Family:

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Favourite cartoon character: Most of the characters from Adventure Time
Personal Quote: Reality is boring, that's why I love anime.
Does anyone else watch The Dex on Youtube? If so, their latest episode is on a pokemon I've been ranting about for a while now....Lapras. Finally, its plight is being addressed! But I had nothing to do with them choosing Lapras for the latest episode. They just did, and it so happened that I had been talking about their sad fate. Here is the video if you want to watch it.: 

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Watching: Higurashi Kai (Higurashi season 2 basically)
  • Playing: Katawa Shoujo

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I've been okay, my computer had completely stopped working, I got a new Zelda-themed Wii U(deluxe package) because of the disc-read errors of my first one, I've watched a few more animes, and I will be getting my new laptpp later today.

I don't know how long it has been, so you probably knew a few of those things already.... But there are probably more things that I forgot to mention..... How have you been though?
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Cool, I've stopped watching animes Because Of school And things like that. I've Also started to read more books. You Know, its always Good to step into a good Reading some time,huh? :'3 So yeah, I've Been fine. I'm glad You Are too.
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I FINALLY GOT A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!! This was one of the first sites I went on once everything was set up. And btw, the problem with my last one was that the disc drive was broken. It was an internal problem, therefore had to be repaired. Repairing it would've costed more than what I paid for this shiny new laptop.

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Hey, so you won't believe this, I finally encountered a wild shiny of my own! It's an Aipom, and the best part is, about 20 minutes ago I encounted shiny MAGMAR. Modest with H/A, two perfect IV's, and superior overall potential. :) Friend safari is SO good for shiny hunting.
snowjoe72 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014
I told you it was great! I did tell you about the Nincada and Pyroar shinies I got there right? Technically the Nincada counted as two since it only needed one level-up to evolve into 2 pokemon at once, both shiny of course. Also don't forget about the higher probability of hidden abilities. A shiny female Braixen with a beneficial nature and the hidden ability Magician would be amazingly useful in online battles! It will let you steal an item without using a move! Teach it the trusty Flamethrower or Mystical Fire signature move plus Shadow Ball for type-coverage and maybe Drain Punch for a bit of healing as well as taking out pesky Rock or Dark types. To top it off teach it one more move that can confuse or boost stats. Or if you are worried about status conditions, Facade is a great move to have as well. Since Flamethrower has a chance of burning, you probably won't need to inflict a condition with a status move such as Will-o-Wisp.

With all that on a Delphox, you'll have a near perfect one in my opinion! As long as you also Super Train the right stats and don't give it an item anyway. A lot goes into training, breeding, and stuff like that if you want to play competitively. I try to use my own style as well as using some competitive tactics too. So I'd love to have something like that, except I wouldn't worry too much about getting great stats as long as the ones it has are good enough. I also don't use many status moves either.
AugustOfMidnight Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually have a female Braixen I caught with magician, with pretty good IV's too! I just want to catch a shiny one man, they're beautiful!
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