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I found something interesting on a site called and I thought it was fascinating. Now there have been two instances of them making lists of these and I really want to find more. So what better place than here? Do you know any artists on here who do a lot of Pokemon Variations like these?:… I know that they give the artists' names and they link to their source, but is there someone on dA that you know of who does Pokemon Variations, and good ones, quite often? Because a lot of these might be one-time things for those artists. I don't know and I'd rather not have to go through every single link to find what I'm looking for. So again, if you know anyone on here who does a lot of this stuff, please give me a link to their page. :)
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 There comes a time in every relationship where you have to meet the parents. That time would be upon us quite soon. But not yet. Viola once told me "My parents said they only want to meet you once you've proven your worthiness." Naturally, she didn't go into details on that. But I think I'll soon have what it might take to be worthy enough. Her parents are no doubt a big part of how unique she is. I can't help but imagine meeting them, and them being as strange as she is. There's just something about Viola that simply makes me want to be a part of her world. A world between reality and anime, a world that is of her own creation and takes bits and pieces of things she likes to make a dreamy existence rooted in the real world. Explaining the feeling is difficult.
  Anyway, Thanksgiving has come and gone. She had it with my family and when they met her.....they were a bit less than thrilled. They never did understand any of my interests and I just don't think they want another, much weirder, otaku in the family. Her skills in many aspects are extremely useful. Her preparedness is always surprising. Though at the end of the day, my mom came up to me and said "I'm just glad you found someone that loves you. She is really weird, but if you're living with her, then I can't exactly stop you from making a life of your own together. Just try not to bring her near your uncle anymore...." There was one incident in the day where my uncle had tried putting an ice cube on the back of her neck. Naturally she didn't show any real reaction to this and instead took the ice cube and popped it in her mouth, as if it was just another part of the meal. Now he just sat there, confused, and soon went back to his meal.
  Our relationship is unusual to most people. But they just don't see how close we really are. We are like any other couple in some ways. We do argue, and it always pains me to think about the things I said afterwards. But she forgives me. We both know it is all part of how couples deal with living together. Life isn't a fairytale that's full of charm. We've discussed our past experiences, our fears of the future, and our worries in the present. Kit has always helped both of us feel better no matter what happened. She really is like our baby. Looking back on everything so far, I know that I am lucky to have found her and our life together has been happy for the most part. Viola is my treasure, the one person I could not see myself living without. I want to be with her forever, and it is high time I show her that.
  She knows I feel this way of course. But I still want to prove that I understand her more than anyone else. But how? How do you propose to a girl like her? A ring would be little more than a mere trinket to her. I need something unorthodox, something strange but romantic in her eyes. How can I surprise her when she is so often ready for anything? After thinking about that for a long time, I find my answer. This will take a lot of planning, a lot of work, and definitely a lot of money. But for her, it will be worth it. I just hope this proposal will be crazy enough for her. Because that girl is my kind of crazy.
My Kind of Crazy Part 11: Episode Recap
I know this one isn't very long and not much happens. I guess I'm still trying to set things up for bigger events. But I hope I can make a much more satisfying one next time. If anything, I simply want to make sure I don't give up on this series. I want to see it through to the end.

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  "Hey, want to go get some coffee Galva?" Pawniard said this to me with a hopeful grin on his face. He has always been this way ever since we first met. You'd think a woman of my......body type would be revolting to any man. But somehow he is just too into me and my sexy legs it seems. Oh, what ever will I do with him? I reply with "Are you trying to get me drunk? Again? You DO remember what happened last time, no? Because if not, I'd be oh-so-happy to remind you...." I spin some of my signature shock-silk into a rope and pull it taunt with the most menacing smile possible. Though this only makes him seem slightly less forward in his advances.
  "C'mon.....we never go on dates. I just want to spend time with you, to get to know you, to discover as much as I can about my possible bride-to-be." Ugh, I was disgusted when they sent out the approval papers to change the inter-species marriage law. I'm not against the idea, only the idea of ME marrying ANYONE! Marriage is not my style. I'd hate to be tied-down to one guy forever like that. Last time I checked, it was MY job to tie pokemon down.... But this silly boy just never quits. Oh what ever will I do with him? "No, you just want to feel me up without me tying your hands and feet together and dangling you off of the side of a traffic light again. You know how I get when I'm drunk, I lose my inhibitions, and that means you could very well lose your life!" This made him smile for some reason. After giving him a glare and trying to slap the silly look off his face, he said "Aw, I'm so glad to hear that you care about me so much! Why else would you say that you wouldn't prefer me dead? That's what you say to every other guy who speaks to you. I guess I must be special!"
  I facepalm at his utter stupidity and walk away up the wall to the ceiling hatch leading to my room in the attic. It's not much, but it's spacious and feels like home to an arachne like myself. We are a very common, yet misunderstood race of monster-girl. Most pokemon believe us to be nothing less than vicious man-eaters with an unquenchable lust for bondage and claws that will tear into them. All of that may be true, but not in the way they think! Our man-eating tendencies are merely the result of our occasional lust for flesh in one way or another. But we don't eat men. They don't deserve such decadent treatment. We prefer....control over our mates. But enough of that.
  With no way to reach my door from the ground, he is forced to leave me be. Although Pawniard IS different from the other pokemon.... He doesn't really love me, but it is still admirable that he can find beauty in a body such as mine. More times than not I have cursed my race and it's violent body type. My hands are claws that can easily rip through flesh with little effort. I'd never tell him, but I am an itsy-bitsy afraid that I might scare him off if we were to ever get intimate. Every day, I lie awake imagining how easily my claws will rip through his tender flesh. It both excites and scares me. So how do I sleep? I simply remember the fact that he finds me attractive. Eight limbs and six eyes with a huge thorax and claws instead of fingers? Not many pokemon could learn to love that! Yet perverted as it is, he loves my slender legs and large breasts.
  Trying to sleep through the morning, I lay here in my shock-silk hammock and dream of what my life could be if I actually did become his bride. Maybe.......maybe marriage wouldn't be so bad after all. As long as it is him, I might be happy. He would certainly make life entertaining.And with that thought, I drift to sleep. The last thing I say quietly to myself as I feel my consciousness fading into sleep is "Oh what ever will I do with him?".
Galva Doesn't Want To Be Tied Down
I thought up another pokemon/monstergirl story. This one is from the viewpoint of Galva, a Galvantula Arachne. She is a bit repulsed by her race's body and even afraid of what she'd do to her partner during sex. Arachne are lustful creatures. They have a culture that views creative bondage ties as works of art. In case you don't know enough about spiders to get it, they are nocturnal and apparently caffeine can make them drunk. All of that is based on how they are in the manga.anime. Or at least, Rachnera is like that anyway. I tried to give her a bit of a tsundere personality. But mostly because she thinks it is what is expected of her. She has the capacity to be a sweet girl, but her inner turmoil makes her unable to admit that she subconsciously wants to be with Pawniard since he is the first man to admire her appearance rather than fear it. She believes that if he has learned to love her body, she might be able to one day as well.

I hope you like this take on it and please comment if you have anything to say about it. I marked it as mature because it uses suggestive wording to explain her sexual thoughts and fears.
I tried walking outside my room, you know, just to see that I'm not really all alone here. My mom asked what was wrong. I just told her something. I forgot what, but it was nothing that really mattered. I just don't know, it's a blur now. But when I returned to my room, feeling like I didn't really feel better or worse, I looked around. That's when I realized something that made me start crying immediately after thinking it. I have a lot of posters in my room. Mostly anime-related. Many girls, no surprise there. But the thought that got me crying upon seeing this was: "So many faces, people I know a bit about, all of them looking at me, most of them smiling. Perhaps it's all just a subconscious thing to make me feel like I'm not so alone after all....because I don't have any real people around me that would smile at the sight of me. So many people, none of them able to talk back if I were to start a conversation. Just a pathetic facade made to make me feel like I'm surrounded by people who care......." Just typing this is making me cry again. I just want to let it all out. Even though this won't be noticed or cared about. Even if it is commented on, it will be a while before I get the comment. It just makes me feel so hopeless. Hopelessly lonely. No one cares, and I'm only typing this to myself, as if I were having a conversation with one of the many smiling faces I surround myself with. I'm so pathetic. A nobody, no friends, no job, no money, no girlfriend, no college work, no car(even though I don't really want to learn to drive), no life. Nothing but me, here alone, day after day, at this computer, in this room, with so many faces smiling. But almost never my own face being one of them..... My room is cold. Always so cold. I hate the cold. Yet I'm in here by myself so much of every day. My hands are cold, my face is stained with tears, and all I can think is that there is a phrase perfectly suited to how I feel: Cold and alone. :(
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Have you ever watched something that is meant to invoke an emotional reaction, but what it really does to you is make you think more about yourself than the characters involved? Like how a character could be having troubles in life that are very relateable. Except, not to you. And that's the problem, you haven't had such experiences. You feel for the character, but even more, you can't seem to forget how you feel about your own life by comparison. That's sort of how I'm feeling right now. Only, my Depression is probably making it worse. I keep thinking about what I can't do, what I should have done, how I should be at this point in my life.

I'm not trying to make this a vent. I don't really need to be cheered-up or something. I just want to know if other people know how it is. This is just one of those things you simply feel like talking about to a friend. And I don't really have many people to talk about it to. A spur-of-the-moment type of thing. Sometimes I feel like even here I can't seem to have a real conversation. Probably because there is very often a large span of time between when I post something and when I get a reply to it. But that's just how it works. I'm definitely sad right now, but it isn't because something happened, it's more like I saw or heard something that made me sad for one reason or another. I guess the only way I can think of to put this is.......I feel lonely.

Still, by the time anyone replies to this, I'll likely be out of this mood. I almost feel like I want it to last, just so I can resolve it properly by talking to someone while I'm still feeling this way. Otherwise it won't really matter anymore. But if someone does reply and I come back to read it, I might get back into the feeling, but it will probably be a bit different. Like I'm bumming myself out by talking about it after getting over it. I don't know.......reply if you feel like it. I'm always willing to talk to someone.....
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I can't draw or make any visual art. But I am pretty decent at writing I think. Most of my writing is fan fiction, poetry, or poetic fan fiction. Much of it is pokemon-related. In my poems and short stories involving pokemon being personified, I write with the assumption that each pokemon is a gijinka of the pokemon they are named after. That way evolution lines don't mean characters are related, giving me many more options for being creative. I hope it makes sense as I write most of my work in this pokemon gijinka universe.

Current Residence: MA, United States of America
Favourite genre of music: I either like the song or don't, category doesn't matter
Favourite style of art: Anime characters mostly, particularly cute catgirls
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Favourite cartoon character: Korra
Personal Quote: Reality is boring, that's why I love anime.
I found something interesting on a site called and I thought it was fascinating. Now there have been two instances of them making lists of these and I really want to find more. So what better place than here? Do you know any artists on here who do a lot of Pokemon Variations like these?:… I know that they give the artists' names and they link to their source, but is there someone on dA that you know of who does Pokemon Variations, and good ones, quite often? Because a lot of these might be one-time things for those artists. I don't know and I'd rather not have to go through every single link to find what I'm looking for. So again, if you know anyone on here who does a lot of this stuff, please give me a link to their page. :)
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