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:icondesiree-u: is one of my favorite artists on dA.  Her art is wonderful, and here are 3 fine examples of the quality artistry she is capable of:

:CM: You're mine and you know it by Desiree-U  .: When World Is Ours :. by Desiree-U  PokeGijinka Adopts-Johto trio! by Desiree-U

There are many more, and the examples I gave were all non-mature ones. But her Mature-tagged art is just as good if not better. The first example is just a taste of the amazing combo of sexy and cute she does so well!
This is more for me to just get my thoughts out, so no need to comment or anything.... Btw, this is all referring to people outside of dA, so if you happen to read through it, it has nothing to do with anyone on here.

Why? Why doesn't anyone ever want to spend any time with me? I try to be nice, I try to not be annoying, but in the end no one ever seems to notice or care. It's not like I have any friends to hang out with! And even the one guy who ever seemed to spend any time with me, my cousin, doesn't seem to want to see me at all. He could have excuses and I try to be understanding whether they're only excuses or not, but I know it MUST be something about me. Because the very few chances I get for him to come over my house, he rarely ever does, and the even fewer chances I get to go over his house, he doesn't say he wants me to come over. I don't know why he keeps being like this. And he won't tell me why. I've asked a few times, but I don't want to seem too pushy about it. Even before his brother had died about a year ago, he seemed this way. I know he must have his own problems, and I know he has his own friends, but still.... What about me? It's immature to be like this, I know, but how else am I supposed to feel when I keep being denied any time with someone who likes the same stuff, by that very same person? He came over to my house yesterday since his mother had some stuff she needed to do I guess, I don't really know the details. But he was supposed to be staying here all day today since that would be how long they'd be gone. But by the time his mother was all set to leave, she asked him if he wanted to stay here or go home since she had to drop off his sister back at their house on her way. He didn't answer immediately, and they were kind of hoping for a quicker answer, but what he said was of course that he'd want to go home. Any time he comes here, it is usually only for a few hours, and only to eat dinner with us really. So for the first time in I don't know how long, he was going to be there for a while. But of course, things never seem to go as planned..... He has friends, nicer stuff, a bigger house, siblings that want to do stuff with him, so what would he need to bother with me for? I'm not jealous, I'm just a little disappointed.

Everyday, it's the same old stuff. Play some video games until I get bored, watch some stuff on youtube, check my dA messages, watch some anime, check some other stuff on other sites. The only things I really have to look forward to are appointments, new games coming in the mail, anything new on the the sites I visit, or holidays. All day basically every day, I just end up sitting at my computer in this room, alone. Maybe the reason why I put up so many anime posters and such is to sub-consciously delude myself that I'm not completely alone all the time.... I'm always the forgotten one, the afterthought, the guy that no one thinks about. Out of sight, out of mind. Unless there is something they want from me or for me to do or if I'm bothering them somehow, no one even seems to acknowledge my existence.... The reason why I usually lock my door is because if they're only going to need me for stuff they want me to do for them, then I'd rather be alone! No one cares about MY happiness, MY problems, what I like, what I want, how I feel, MY opinions, none of it! If it has to do with me as the main focus, count them out!

And since I can't even make regular friends, there is no possible way I'll ever get a girlfriend! I'm going to be lonely forever! Because no one in my family seems to care enough to spend any time with me! I don't get invited places others are going, I don't usually have any real reason to leave my house other than appointments or going to buy something. And even that is rare considering I so often don't have much spending money. I get that I'm not very fun to be around what with my negative thinking and such, but why should that mean I can't find love? Because no girl would ever want a sad guy like me, because if I never go anywhere I can't meet anyone, because even if I did have a girlfriend I wouldn't have the money to support a relationship with her, because I'm lazy and out of shape, because I'm too emotional, because I have no life, because I'm not even very good at the few things I'm any good at, because there are millions of guys much more worthy to be loved than me, because who can love me when I don't even like myself? See how my problems just stack up and lead into other problems? That's how I am. All of my problems are connected and if given the time to think alone, they all pile up and lead to even more problems. And then it isn't long until I start crying... Just like I am right now. Silent lonely tears, so that my uncle won't realize I'm crying and see me as even less of a man than he already does. So my sister doesn't come to me to complain I'm crying too loud. Because my mom always has somewhere else to be with someone, usually my cousin's mom. So even when she IS here, she won't worry. So no one will have to pay me any mind, as usual. Because I'm just a nice enough guy to allow others to ignore my existence so I don't get in their way.

Well, this probably wasted enough time.... Maybe I'll feel like doing something now. Probably not. There's only so much I could be doing and most of it doesn't have anything new most times I check. Just like every other day.

I don't need to be cheered up, I'm fine now. As I'd said, this is all just for my own sake. Venting my feelings, describing my problems, that kind of thing. I've gotten it all out, I'm done crying now, and I'm going to move on with my now-insignificant day.
  • Mood: Lonely
Yang Xiao Long,
a girl with fists of fire,
punches enemies,
into a smoldering pyre.

Explosive rounds,
shoot with every blow,
Even from afar,
she can hit you wherever you go.

A badass blond,
with beautiful hair,
if you happen to harm it,
you won't have a prayer!

She can be nice,
and she can be fun,
but mess with Team RWBY,
and your death has begun!

She's taken on a whole nightclub,
full of mafia grunts.
Even a guy with a rocket launcher,
couldn't beat her sweet stunts.

Red rage in her eyes,
and ammo on her wrist,
this is one awesome young lady,
with furious fists.

Ruby is cute,
but Yang is hot as the sun.
Too bad she loses that charm,
with the occasional bad pun....

But it is a mistake,
to think she is mean,
when you are her friend,
she will be just an average teen.

She burns up the battlefield,
ignites the spark in your eyes,
She's not in Street Fighter,
because she'd already just win first prize!

Where there's smoke and there's fire,
there's probably also Yang...
But it isn't her fault,
that she kicks everything off with a bang!
Blonde Beauty That Burns
I wish I could do it more justice, but there is no level of awesome I can effectively put into words to accurately describe her. So if you want to know her true epicness as well as her everyday personality, see this video with her trailer's theme song "I Burn":… She's basically female Goku! Well, in terms of awesomeness anyway. I wish I could do her character justice, but she's just a bit too hot to handle. XD
A bubbly girl,
full of sugar and spice,
skips through the battlefield,
chasing grimm off like mice!

With her good friend Rin,
and the others on Team JNPR,
she fights off monsters,
who wish only doom on her.

Smiling and dancing,
with a whimsical grace,
she smashes and shoots,
at a near-breakneck pace.

A defender of friendship,
she knocks bullies down a few pegs.
What is her genius plan of action?
"We'll break his legs!"

Silly and girlish,
Nora may not seem so tough.
But when the battlefield is her playground,
she only plays rough!

This charming lass,
hyper and fun,
with her warhammer in hand,
will make all the grimm run!

Magnhild is her weapon,
launching grenades and smashing grimm.
But too bad it cannot help her,
when it comes to facing HIM....

She can be serious,
when it concerns Rin.
Would being in love with her friend,
be such a big sin?

Does he feel the same?
Oh what is she to do?
As time has passed,
her love only grew.

But she won't feel sad,
she's "Queen of the castle"!
Love won't break her joy,
and talking to Rin is no hassle.

She wants to say "I love you".
But Rin is the loner of their group.
However when she wants to say it,
she'll just have to say "Boop!"
The Joyful Valkyrie's Love
I was checking out some of the trailers for the characters of RWBY, and I wanted to hear the songs in the background better to see how great the music alone is. That is what led me to find Nora Valkyrie's theme song(kind of), appropriately named "Boop". It is such a great song that totally fits her character. She WOULD be my favorite character if it weren't for the fact that Blake has so much more depth to her character.... But it isn't Nora's fault that her and Rin don't get much character development or even a lot of significant screentime! And Nora is so quotable and funny too! That's why I used some of her most famous lines in this poem. Those two deserve more backstory, character development, and obviously a bigger focus on their potential relationship! This song is on the official soundtrack, so you KNOW it practically verifies that Nora loves Rin. I hope volume 3 acknowledges that! Anyway, here is the AMV that I first heard the song in:…
A persocom named Chi,
an adorably sweet thing,
knows not of the joy,
to others she will bring.

Hideki found her,
and is teaching her stuff.
She wants to help him dearly,
but just isn't yet smart enough.

Soon she falls in love,
but what if he feels the same?
She cannot stay with him then,
and it is such a shame.

Chi isn't human,
but Hideki is falling in love.
He sees her as an angel,
sent to him from up above.

Everyone tells him no,
but Chi is too adorable.
Would having her as a girlfriend,
really be so horrible?

Chi wants him to be happy,
but someone is guiding her away.
They tell her she can't be with him,
no matter how much he wants her to stay.

Simple and innocent,
just a cheerful young lass.
She's forgotten her purpose,
along with her past.

Someone watches over her,
the wife of her creator.
Writing lessons in picture books,
to make her understanding much greater.

There is another like her,
a second Chobits sister.
She speaks to Chi in times of need,
and her advice is to make him resist her.

She cannot let it happen,
even if it will break his heart.
A persocom/human relationship,
is doomed from the very start.

Her storybooks tell her why,
and she does actually understand.
But she just can't bring herself to listen,
to such a cruel demand.

She loves Hideki!
She doesn't want to leave!
She wishes she were human,
able to live and to breathe....

Then she could be with him,
the one for only her.
The feelings persocoms shouldn't have,
have long ago begun to stir.

What will Chi do?
How will her final storybook end?
Can she somehow tempt her fate,
and become more than Hideki's friend?

Cute little Chi,
hopelessly enamored,
of the helpless man Hideki,
who's love she can't afford....
Chi Can't Be Loved....For His Sake
The sad life of Chi, the other main character of Chobits.... It is such a great anime despite the obvious inclusion of fan-service. Convenient censoring is used, but it is still very prone to using fanservice to keep you watching. The anime is funny, and the story is good though, I'd definitely recommend it. Most people have probably at least heard of Chobits, so I hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.... Anyway, the reason why I did this is because I've started watching the series again since I got the series on DVD at Anime Boston a few days ago. 

I hope you like this poem and please feel free to comment. I will definitely appreciate it even if it is just a favorite too. But above all else, I'm just glad to know that someone read it. :)


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I hope it will be enough to get me back to showing gratitude through points. My cause is simple: To have enough points to effectively show my gratitude to many of the great people I know on dA who have helped me and made me feel like I can be somebody. And to some people I don't know YET! :)

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Joshua Snow
United States
I have very little skills with art in general. Although, I am not too bad at writing poetry. My emotions need to be expressed and it is a great way to do it. Seeing the final product of working on a poem that I wrote always takes me out of the bad mood the poem was most likely based on. There are many different sides to me. Good and bad. I hope people will appreciate the better ones.

My dA Family:

Cute-iful Little Sister: :iconotencia:

Bi-Lingual Cousin: :iconvaneworks:

My Soul Eater daughter: :iconnekoslave123456789:

My younger brother: :iconthe-new-host:

Current Residence: MA, United States of America
Favourite genre of music: I either like the song or don't, category doesn't matter
Favourite style of art: Anime, anything awesome or interesting
Operating System: Windows XP (I think...)
Favourite cartoon character: Most of the characters from Adventure Time
Personal Quote: Reality is boring, that's why I love anime.
:icondesiree-u: is one of my favorite artists on dA.  Her art is wonderful, and here are 3 fine examples of the quality artistry she is capable of:

:CM: You're mine and you know it by Desiree-U  .: When World Is Ours :. by Desiree-U  PokeGijinka Adopts-Johto trio! by Desiree-U

There are many more, and the examples I gave were all non-mature ones. But her Mature-tagged art is just as good if not better. The first example is just a taste of the amazing combo of sexy and cute she does so well!

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