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I just got an account on the site So any questions about me or my opinions are welcome. I want people to know me better on dA, and that could easily help expedite the process. :)

*Edit* Sorry, I think I probably should have left a link to my account on it...... ^^; Here it is.:
  • Mood: Sociable
  • Watching: A Certain Magical Index episode 23
  • Playing: Pokemon AS and Fantasy Life
  • Eating: Peanut Butter
I recently started a new game in Pokemon AS, and I planned out my team ahead. Before starting the new game(or at least before deleting the data anyway) I did some breeding stuff to get some pokemon I wanted to train through the story. However I found some info that was a bit too vague. You see, I never hatched the Egg that you get from the old lady in Lavaridge knowing full well what a useless pokemon would hatch from it when I had played Sapphire and Emerald as a kid/teenager. Then I saw on Serebii it said for how to get Togepi "Hatch from Egg received in Lavaridge". Now I just got to Dewford, so I'm not that far yet. But I thought that they had changed it to give you an infinitely more useful pokemon from that Egg. Now I have had some second thoughts and checked to be sure. Turns out what it DIDN'T say is you get it from that old lady only after the Cave of Origin stuff. Which is pretty much POST-GAME!! Had I known that before, I wouldn't have this problem. I decided that I wanted a Togekiss as a Fly pokemon. I know where to find the required Shiny stone as well. Anyway, my point is I put up an offer on the GTS with my unused Torchic(I'm using a Cyndaquil instead) for a Togepi. I nicknamed the male Torchic Blake, sorry if that isn't a good name. If you wantg, I can take it out of the GTS, eventually get to Slateport to change the name to whatever you like, and then put it back up. The GTS just seems like a good place to do it since the process is less complicated. I don't want one with a nickname(unless it is one I like) and gender doesn't matter(although I'd prefer female, but I know the gender ratio is mostly male). As for level, I'd like one that is lvl. 1 so I can try to evolve it through friendship before it reaches level 14. It learns Fairy Wind at that level but only as a Tegetic. I can use the Pokemon-amie to help max its friendship quickly I imagine. Not asking for a shiny or anything special here. But if you'd like to make it even better, there is a nickname I have in mind should you decide to use one. For a female I'd name it Trixie(sounds like Pixie and she's a Fairy type in Gen 6). For a male, I'd name it Togy(like Toby, but with a g so it sounds more like the pokemon's original name). But as I said, no nickname is fine too. I just don't want to end up with a Togepi that has a name I dislike or can't read. I know I can't offer much, but still. If someone on here would do this for me, I'll be very thankful. :)

Also, if you'd rather just trade me the egg you get from the old lady in post-game, then that is even better. I have some pokemon stored in Pokemon Bank, but most are either legendaries, or foreign pokemon I do have a couple of shinies I think and possibly a few I just couldn't let go of. Anyway, I'll see what I have if you have something in mind. From what i can remember I have a foreign Trapinch, but I forgot which gender it is. So it might help you get a shiny Trapinch through Masuda Method if you want to get a shiny Flygon. I believe I also have a shiny Gabite, but you can barely tell the difference in terms of its shiny colors vs. its normal colors. I do have a French shiny Blastoise named Turok, but I just don't see that being a very fair deal. Even if I never use it, it's sort of like a trophy to me....^^;
  • Mood: Hope
  • Watching: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital
  • Playing: Pokemon AS and Mario Kart 8
  • Eating: cheez-its
Mom, it must've been quite hard,
to raise me and my sis alone.
But know that we still need you,
even though we're grown.

You always did your best,
to bring us up the right way.
For that and so much else,
I give thanks to you today.

This day is for you,
as well as every caring mom.
When your children caused you trouble,
you tried to be nice and calm.

So many things you've done,
for us and those you love.
You never were afraid,
to fight when push came to shove.

Life is not always easy.
But you make things seem less bad.
You may not always be right there,
but I know you hate it when I'm sad.

You mean so much to me,
I can't bear the thought of you leaving.
If anything were to happen to you,
there'd be no end to my grieving!

I've had nightmares before,
and woken up in tears.
Every single time it happened,
I dreamt one of my worst fears.

Those nightmares were about you,
about what my life would be like alone.
But it is those very dreams,
where my love for you is best shown.

The thought is too much to bear,
I wish you would never go.
But someday I'll have to deal,
with the time to go solo.

All my life I've wanted,
to make you proud of me.
To make you know you did great,
and show you what a good son I can be.

I love you so much,
and I wish I told you more.
But instead when you want to speak to me,
you usually speak through a closed door...

I don't mean to shut you out.
In fact I WANT to chat.
But usually what you want,
is anything but that.

Why do you dislike conversation,
at least when it's with me?
I mean nothing bad by it,
but why can't you ever be free?

There's always someone else,
that needs your attention more.
Maybe that is why,
I usually lock my door.

I don't want to get in the way.
I don't want to be annoying.
And sometimes you interrupt me,
while I'm doing something I'm enjoying.

I don't want to be a burden,
I don't mean to ignore you either.
Do I dislike you or think you don't care?
I assure you it is neither.

I know you love me,
and I love you too.
But why not listen to me?
Instead of just tell me what to do?

I have good ideas.
But you never seem to believe it.
I only want to solve your problems,
but if you refuse you might never achieve it.

Too much of this sounds,
like I'm not very fond,
but that belief is an assumption.
I just sometimes feel I've been wronged.

You do care very much,
I know that fact is true.
But the point I wish to make most with this,
is I will still always love you!

Happy Mothers's Day! Even though it is kind of late for that, I still wanted to say it. I forgot to say it yet. Sorry about that.
Mom, I Want To Read This To You....
The title is what I will say to my mom before I read this to her in the morning. I know it will be too late, but I wanted to do this all day. Time got away from me, I got wrapped up in other stuff, and she wasn't here most of today anyway. Not her fault of course. I want her to know how I feel about her, the good and the bad. That's why some of this sounds like it is trying to say she is doing something wrong. That isn't my intention, it is simply to let her know that not everything is good and I want to work on fixing those things. I've been trying to do just that most of my life. The last bit is mostly there to remind me.^^; But I welcome anyone to read this, I want people to know the sort of guy I am and what my life is like. I've said it many times, but I'll say it again: I mean no sisrespect to her and this is just to put things into perspective to her. Not everything is great, and I want to change that. But I'll need her help to do it.
Basically all day today, I've just been going through the motions of the various activities I usually do. Am I having fun? Do I find this interesting? Was that funny? Do I even care? The answer to all of those questions is the same: not really. I mean from the stuff I've done today, I've found some degree of emotion will occur. But not very much. Everything seems to have a very small impact on me. Even this journal entry I'm only writing because it is something to do. I know this is probably the lack of interest that comes from having Depression, and on top of that I'm a bit bored nowadays anyway. This is nothing new to me, and it isn't concerning at all. Everything today is just meh. Nothing is breaking me out of this trance-like boredom. Even though my mom told me something that was pretty sad earlier, it didn't faze me much. There are reasons why that may be though. Despite all this, I CAN still enjoy things, but not very much and not for long. This is a bit different than my usual brand of boredom. It's almost as if the boredom itself isn't even trying very hard. So it isn't exactly that I'm bored, but rather that it seems like nothing matters to me today. Winning or losing in a video game, not much of a reaction. Watching funny videos on Youtube, same situation. I'm not even sure if I want anybody to reply to this or not, everything is just "whatever" with me. Maybe if there was a bit more stuff that was new or something, I'd find some more enjoyment. But either way I don't really care. My current mood isn't even bothering me. Whatever happens happens and I just go with it until I vaguely feel like doing a different thing. But every time I think that I want to do something else, I keep asking myself "But what do I want to do?". 
  • Watching: A Certain Magical Index episode 9
  • Playing: Fantasy Life and Mario Kart 8
  • Drinking: juice
So, how much is a new copy of Mario Kart 8 for WiiU? $60. That's fine, it's the same price as everywhere else. But I didn't want to blow that much of my remaining money on one thing. So I planned to buy it used from GameStop. And how much does it cost for a used copy of the game? $55, $50 if you have a membership card. Now let me ask a fair, reasonable, rhetorical question here..... WHY is a used one only $5-$10 LESS??!! And I looked at other games to see if the pattern was the same. It wasn't, but it only wasn't in the case of a game that is half the price new. A $30 new WiiU game is $15 less if it's used. By now it should be clear what is happening with that. It's a rip-off. The more the game's new price is, the less you will save by getting a used one of it! But it's not like I had much of a choice, that was the lowest price I could get it at. 

So, yesterday I went to GameStop to get a used copy of Mario Kart 8, planning to later also buy the DLC for it. But before I went there i went to Barnes & Noble's to see if there were any new volumes of the manga series I am reading. There was. So that was the usual $10 plus tax. I figured it would be fine since I'd still save money when buying Mario Kart 8. But I was wrong. I did have a membership card, but it was expired. Last time I had to renew it, it costed about $14 I believe. But apparently somehow I'd racked-up enough points to have the renewal be free. So at least THAT was good. So all things considered, I could have either bought a new copy of the game and no book, or buy a used one and a book. Both scenarios would end with me spending about the same amount of money. I'd already bought the book. So I kind of only had one option. As in, no choice. And there was still the matter of buying the DLC as well. 

Basically, I've now lost any remaining respect I had for that place. I knew they rip you off when you sell your games to them, but it turns out buying used ones is also a rip-off.
  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Reading: Rosario + Vampire: Season II volume 14
  • Watching: A Certain Magical Index episode 4
  • Playing: Fantasy Life and Mario Kart 8
  • Eating: a poptart
  • Drinking: juice


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I hope it will be enough to get me back to showing gratitude through points. My cause is simple: To have enough points to effectively show my gratitude to many of the great people I know on dA who have helped me and made me feel like I can be somebody. And to some people I don't know YET! :)

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Joshua Snow
United States
I have very little skills with art in general. Although, I am not too bad at writing poetry. My emotions need to be expressed and it is a great way to do it. Seeing the final product of working on a poem that I wrote always takes me out of the bad mood the poem was most likely based on. There are many different sides to me. Good and bad. I hope people will appreciate the better ones.

My dA Family:

Cute-iful Little Sister: :iconotencia:

Bi-Lingual Cousin: :iconvaneworks:

My Soul Eater daughter: :iconnekoslave123456789:

My younger brother: :iconthe-new-host:

Current Residence: MA, United States of America
Favourite genre of music: I either like the song or don't, category doesn't matter
Favourite style of art: Anime, anything awesome or interesting
Operating System: Windows XP (I think...)
Favourite cartoon character: Most of the characters from Adventure Time
Personal Quote: Reality is boring, that's why I love anime.
I just got an account on the site So any questions about me or my opinions are welcome. I want people to know me better on dA, and that could easily help expedite the process. :)

*Edit* Sorry, I think I probably should have left a link to my account on it...... ^^; Here it is.:
  • Mood: Sociable
  • Watching: A Certain Magical Index episode 23
  • Playing: Pokemon AS and Fantasy Life
  • Eating: Peanut Butter

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