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All through-out Hoenn,
a magic feeling has spread.
Everyone decorates,
things in green and in red.

Winter has left,
snow in most places.
Trainers find shelter,
within their own Secret Bases.

Norman is home,
spending time with loved ones.
His wife makes sweet treats,
like cookies and cinnamon buns.

Meanwhile in Lavaridge,
devoid of any snow...
Flannery talks to Candice,
a close friend from Sinnoh.

Mauville is buzzing,
with laughter and cheer.
Most of it from Wattson,
who's dressed like Santa each year.

Steven and Jasmine,
curl up near the fire.
Being close during this season,
is their mutual desire.

Wallace's fangirls,
all wanting to spend time with him...
None of them accepting,
that their chances are slim.

Roxanne sits in the park,
feeling cold and alone...
Until some kids ask her to play,
or test if their power has grown.

Liza and Tate are confused.
Why does Sabrina visit each year?
If they only knew her past,
then her reason would be clear...

Brawly is admired,
by every girl in his gym.
They all come for a workout,
but they always stay to watch him.

Winona is indoors,
the cold is not really her thing.
She enjoys the company of her birds,
and takes injured ones under her wing.

Pokemon Centers are packed,
with trainers who want to stay warm.
Each of them unable,
to weather a snowstorm.

All of the kids in Hoenn,
can't wait for Santa the Delibird.
They love to listen for Stantler,
running in a small herd.

A huge sleigh full of gifts,
and your own held in his tail,
he will present you with one each year,
it occurs without fail.

As nighttime sets in,
on the eve of the holiday,
a wishing-star shoots through the sky,
leaving magic and happiness along the way.
Hoenn's Holiday of Happiness
This is a Christmas poem about a slightly different take on the whole Santa thing since it takes place in the pokemon world. I don't really know enough about the other holidays, so sorry if you don't happen to celebrate Christmas.... ^^; I did this mostly as a (early) present to :iconpokelover456: since she gave me a drawing as a gift. I hope you like it! :)

There are a few references to some of my fanfics in there such as how Steven and Jasmine became a couple, and why Sabrina has a past that involves Liza and Tate without them knowing.
I finally got around to finishing it. And it was awesome! I'd have liked it better if it was a little bit less censored, but that is just how it is, there is no version that is any less censored than that one I'm sure. It was still a great anime though! The action, the comedy, but most important........CANON YURI RELATIONSHIP!!!!! But I was seriously wondering if Gamoori was starting to fall in love with Mako nearing the final few episodes. His Goku uniform's power was great, but the clear suggestiveness of it made it a lot less cool. ^^; Well, when you are a shield I guess you know you were born to take a beating and learn to love your job.... :shrug:

I may have like the ending, but part of it made me kind of sad too..... I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't say what part. 
  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Watching: K-On Season 2 and Blood+
  • Playing: Alpha Sapphire and New Leaf
I just finished Katawa Shoujo. The stories behind each character were great, and the adult content was present, but not all-important. The story really leads into it, so it is not much of a distraction from the events that are occurring. My favorite after all of their paths is still Hanako. She makes you really work for her love, but it is a well-worth it prize. It is so satisfying to know that in the end she is happy and you are going to make her whole life happy from then on. Rin is a huge ball of questions. Even after completing her path and seeing all of her endings, I still can't make sense of her! But I gotta say, she gets some intense depression in some scenes.... She has a lot of problems, but her lack of arms is none of them. As for Shizune, her relationship is more like a dictatorship, and Misha is her second-in-command. But even Misha has an interesting backstory. I honestly felt bad for her despite knowing that she had gotten her chance long ago and it didn't work out. So yeah, Shizune was interesting to say the least. Emi was very surprising. There is a lot going on that you'd never expect to happen before going through her path. The character herself is the major cause of surprises. Let's just say that EVERYTHING is fast with that girl! Although Hanako was my favorite, I must say that overall, not simply based on the character, but the entire path and endings, my favorite would have to be Lily's. So much drama, so much surprises, so much love, and a bit too much......illegal drinking. XD And Akira looks way too much like a guy! I literally had to repeatedly remind myself that she wasn't a man! Miki was disappointingly nonexistent. She was in like, one scene and she had so much potential for being a candidate for Hisao's love. She would have been so great! But no, just a scene or two with a little cameo appearance in one of the early scenes. Yuuko is funny, but she does deserve the role she has. I was wrong, she is not  a good canditate. Her weird brand of motherly-guidance is very essential in some scenes as well as the humor she presents with basically everything she does. Besides, she's not a student librarian, she's a university student.
  • Mood: Satisfied
  • Watching: K-On Season 2 and Blood+
  • Playing: Alpha Sapphire and New Leaf
I saw her after school,
on a warm sunny day.
I watched her band perform,
and loved how well she could play.

A keyboard-player was her role,
but she was much more than that.
A gorgeous upperclassmen,
rich yet not a brat.

Her blonde hair was long,
and it flowed with the breeze.
One adorable smile in my direction,
could bring me to my knees.

There was a fan-club,
but it was for her band-mate.
The whole band looked good,
but she was the one who looked great!.

Nice and sweet,
to everyone she met.
Never feeling any sort,
of the sadness from regret.

Tsumugi Kotobuki,
the girl who takes center-stage....
No one else will agree she is best?
This simply is an outrage!

I've heard from her band's new addition,
that her cake is simply the best.
I asked Azusa if she,
could save me a piece to test.

I may be one year younger,
but that senpai has my heart!
One bite of her cake is magical,
and besides that she's really smart!

I hear Azusa's stories,
of the fun those girls enjoy.
Despite my love I can't confess,
I'm just a simple freshman boy....

Nothing very special,
even my grades are simply average.
The future is uncertain,
but I doubt mine will involve marriage.

What i wouldn't give,
for her to serve me cake with a smile....
But unless she is a waitress,
that thought isn't very worthwhile.

People talk about her eyebrows,
how strange and thick they are...
But if you asked me,
I'd say they looked too far.

Her eyes are a brilliant blue,
her whole face radiates refinement.
But if I keep thinking about her,
I'll never finish this assignment!
My Heart Is Her Keyboard
I like Mugi from K-On, she's the best imo. So cute, so rich, so sweet, and so happy. What's not to love? Well maybe her eyebrows are a turn-off, but that hardly matters at all to me! Everything else about her is too adorable to make me care! She likes to cook, she likes to work part-time jobs, and she likes to see romance between girls... SHE IS PERFECT!!!!! Everything she does she does with a smile that will warm your heart. Why isn't there a Mugi Fanclub in the anime?! There is definitely a huge fanbase for her irl, right? LOOK AT HER!!!!:… And that's just her normal face, not even chibi or cosplay or other artificial cuteners added!
A young highschool girl,
who's name was Beautifly,
looked across the plains.
And saw a lone samurai.

He was injured,
and walking her way.
She offered to treat his wounds,
but he said he was okay.

As a man of the blade,
he was used to such things.
It is just a horrible fate,
that fighting a war brings.

Beautifly insisted,
and so he agreed.
This girl was kind to him,
despite his dark deeds.

He said his name was Bisharp,
a samurai of Hoenn.
No one else could wield a blade,
with the same skill that he can!

Taken by his strength,
and his honorable ways...
She happily acted as nurse,
for the next several days.

Soon to graduate,
she wanted to be a medic.
To help soldiers in times of war,
and to not feel pathetic.

She'd been called weak,
mocked for her size....
But she would show them,
they are in for a surprise!

Beautifly asks Bisharp,
if he ever had a wife.
The young samurai replied,
that war consumed most of his life.

He blushes at the question,
and quickly turns his head.
She checks him for a fever,
and tells him to rest in her bed.

Bisharp refuses,
saying it would not be right.
His shy-looking face,
fills hers with delight.

They spend a month together,
it quickly becomes two.
She eventually graduates,
and is now out of high school.

Over this span of time,
he has remained by her side.
His wounds have healed a while ago,
but he plans to make this girl his bride.

Bisharp has no money though,
a soldier doesn't earn a good wage.
But then he decides,
to consult a wise sage.

A man named Torkoal,
sits in a shrine.
He asks Torkoal for guidance,
and invites him to dine.

Over some sandwiches,
made by his dear,
Bisharp is told,
to show her no fear.

He must present,
a token of trust.
Prove to this girl,
that you don't act out of lust.

A token of trust?
He wonders what it should be.
Torkoal replies,
"That is not up to me."

Upon much thought,
he has found his trust token.
Beautifly returns home,
but not a word has she spoken.

Bisharp is worried,
he rushes to her side.
He quickly sees,
the many tears she has cried.

"What has caused you
to feel sad my dear?"
She points to her arm,
and he looks on with fear.

She'd been attacked!
Who knows what else they had done!
He turns to this girl and says,
"Your battle will be won."

She tells him what they looked like,
and he races to the scene.
There he finds them,
harassing a girl of about fourteen.

He draws his sword,
but none of them even flinch.
He assumes the sword stance,
to make multiple targets a cinch.

With one quick slice,
they all bleed from the chest.
He looks to the girl and says,
"They will live. that slash wasn't my best..."

With a nod she runs off,
and Bisharp turns to go home.
Beautifly awaits,
and he's written her a poem.

"War had hardened me,
body mind and heart.
But upon seeing your sweet face,
I felt I was admiring fine art.

Your long flowing hair,
and your kind gentle eyes....
All of the things,
that gave me such a surprise.

You tended my wounds,
you gave me all of your love.
You are delicate yet resilient,
like a gift from above.

Your smile is charming,
and I hope you agree,
that if I offer my treasured sword,
you will still marry me."

His poem finally done,
he takes the scabbard from his belt.
He presents it to her humbly,
and she thinks it is so very heartfelt.

"Yes my love,
I'd gladly accept!
You fought for my honor,
simply because I wept.

I've been looking for a man,
that is strong yet a little shy.
When I saw you there alone,
I wanted to cry.

You had fought hard,
and were the only one that didn't die.
You're everything I need,
you're my brave samurai."

She runs up and hugs him,
and he says something to reply:
"Yes I am indeed.
And you are my little butterfly."
His Little Butterfly
It should be obvious what song inspired me to write this. I first heard it on a DDR machine at an arcade I used to live not far from. It's such a catchy song! But if you have never heard it, this is the link to an amv of it:… That amv is the perfect representation of the relationship between those two imo.  But anyway, when I heard this song while looking up Bleach-related amvs, I immediately thought of Beautifly(mostly because its name is so close to the word Butterfly already. XD). Knowing me, I probably completely forgot about a much more Samurai-like pokemon to use instead of Bisharp... ^^; But I just thought that the contrast between his Dark-type and him being shy worked well. O_O" Samurott. HOW did I forget about the pokemon that literally was a SAMURAI OTTER?! -_-"  *facepalm* 

Well, I still hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. Thanks for reading it. :)


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I hope it will be enough to get me back to showing gratitude through points. My cause is simple: To have enough points to effectively show my gratitude to many of the great people I know on dA who have helped me and made me feel like I can be somebody. And to some people I don't know YET! :)

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Joshua Snow
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I have very little skills with art in general. Although, I am not too bad at writing poetry. My emotions need to be expressed and it is a great way to do it. Seeing the final product of working on a poem that I wrote always takes me out of the bad mood the poem was most likely based on. There are many different sides to me. Good and bad. I hope people will appreciate the better ones.

My dA Family:

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Personal Quote: Reality is boring, that's why I love anime.
I finally got around to finishing it. And it was awesome! I'd have liked it better if it was a little bit less censored, but that is just how it is, there is no version that is any less censored than that one I'm sure. It was still a great anime though! The action, the comedy, but most important........CANON YURI RELATIONSHIP!!!!! But I was seriously wondering if Gamoori was starting to fall in love with Mako nearing the final few episodes. His Goku uniform's power was great, but the clear suggestiveness of it made it a lot less cool. ^^; Well, when you are a shield I guess you know you were born to take a beating and learn to love your job.... :shrug:

I may have like the ending, but part of it made me kind of sad too..... I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't say what part. 
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Oh, I'm okay. I lost some money recently.....again. I seriously have no idea how $20 bills disappear within my house! ^^; But besides that, I've been watching a lot of anime and have completed a few that I've been meaning to finish. I actually haven't been playing my new pokemon games much thanks to that as well as Animal Crossing New Leaf, which I downloaded from the e-shop. It is much easier to do daily stuff in the game that way. I don't need to worry about if the game is in the 3DS at the moment I remember to play it. The real-time clock and missed-day penalties are a pain, but at least this helps me not to forget. What's more, I also downloaded one of the Custom Home screen things(kinda like a journal skin except for the 3DS Home screen). It is a picture of Isabelle thinking about something and all the icons on the screen look like stamps while any folders look like letters. Kinda cute really. Because it is like she is thinking about what game to play, just like me! XD

I also finished Katawa Shoujo(a free-to-download virtual novel game that is about a guy that finds out he has a heart condition, is forced to go to a specialty school for disabled students, and finds love with one of 5 girls.) too! Most people would think it is weird or even horrible considering there is adult content thrown into the mix, but it is not that bad. I don't have a thing for disabled girls or anything, it was just free and recommended by someone on Youtube who's judgement about anime-related stuff I trust. My favorite girl was the burn victim one named Hanako. She was very shy and despite her affliction, very cute. Especially when she smiled! But her path was not that easy. You have choices that pop up every so often, and you need to tread carefully and sometimes even just guess at the outcome of an action. But her Good Ending is very satisfying to someone like me who got very immersed in the story. I may not have a thing for disabled girls, but shy cute ones? Definitely! I just wanted to hug her and tell her everything would be okay from now on! Her backstory is so sad..... :innocent:
Vanegasphotographer Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol x'D It seems that you've been a little bit busy :')
How did you lost 20$ bills? x'D Lol! Did you search them well?
Well...In my case my ps3 has errased all my videogames' process so I have to start them all over again -.-'
x'DD I've been lately doin
g comissions and stuff uvu you know' I'm earning to buy a special friend a premium for Christmas :') x'D So I've been looking these day how to get enough points c': You know, I only need 31 points more to buy her the premium!! *----* I'm really excited :happybounce: 

game sounds interesting c:
snowjoe72 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
It was a single dollar bill worth $20.... And this was the second time it has happened in a month. Sorry if it was confusing. ^^; 

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm very familiar with that sort of thing happening sometimes thanks to my many years of gaming. And the game WAS interesting. Emi was a lot more of an adult than she looks.... Rin was the most confusing person I've ever had the pleasure of trying to understand. Lily was interesting in many ways. Misha had some surprises to offer too despite not being a love candidate. Shizune has a very interesting family. Those were the other girls from Katawa Shoujo.
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snowjoe72 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
You're welcome! I'm glad that there is another guy who appreciates cute anime stuff like I do. :) Btw, since you have one of the characters in the message you sent, you've probably see it.... But if not, if you want to watch an adorable Lucky Star-esque anime with an innocent yuri twist to it, you should watch Yuru Yuri. 
Bysc Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't watch it, But I'll look up for it ^-^ :iconhappygrinneplz:
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It's funny and adorable! :)
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I've been okay, my computer had completely stopped working, I got a new Zelda-themed Wii U(deluxe package) because of the disc-read errors of my first one, I've watched a few more animes, and I will be getting my new laptpp later today.

I don't know how long it has been, so you probably knew a few of those things already.... But there are probably more things that I forgot to mention..... How have you been though?
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